Importance of Lawyers for the Immigrant Situation: A View From The Inside

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“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists– Franklin D. Roosevelt. No matter what your race or beliefs are, you cannot deny this truth that was mentioned by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Recently, there has been much chaos on the hot topic of immigrants, immigration laws, if they can get permanent residency, and so on. So many questions we still have to deal with and find a solution for. For immigrants with paperwork, arriving to America, escaping tyranny, poverty, lack of education and work, and hoping to experience the American dream, whatever their reasons may be, are greeted by immigration attorneys first.

One of the states that has a strong connection to immigration, alongside New York, is Elizabeth, New Jersey. Not only do they have a strong connection to immigration, but many of the immigration attorney Elizabeth, NJ are known to be reputable. According to the American Immigration Council, “More than one in five New Jersey residents is an immigrant, while nearly one in six is a native-born with at least one immigrant parent”. In reality, we all came to America or exist in America because our parents, grandparents. Or ancestors migrated here from their homelands for a number of different reasons. Even the immigration lawyers we mentioned above; some become immigration lawyers because they want to help as they were immigrants or their parents or ancestors were. Immigration lawyers do far more than just helping people become citizens of new countries. Now you may be asking, ‘what is the role of an immigration lawyer?’ or ‘how do they help?’ 

The actuality is that being an immigration attorney elizabeth nj is a highly specialized field. Immigration lawyers study for 4 years to receive a bachelors degree and also another 3 years to obtain Juris Doctor degree. Immigration lawyers are educated to aid in cases, such as, providing legal advice and consultation on visa applications for work outside the country and also legal advice on obtaining green cards. They also work on cases related to defending a person from being deported to another country as well as assisting students who want to study abroad and want to use the appropriate visa for their situation. Additionally, another notable and important assistance they provide is finding jobs for non-citizens. 

The situation has become so that there are many immigrants and non-citizens trying and/or waiting to enter the US, but there aren’t enough immigration lawyers. We need more people to study in this noble field to help both immigrants and America become satisfied. The vitality of having immigration lawyers and the work they do, speaks for itself. We need immigration lawyers because they make immigrants and non-citizens feel safe and secure by offering the services they can accomplish for them. We need them because they lend a helping hand to not only represent immigrants and non-citizens, but also to represent America. These same lawyers are aidding this country by keeping America organized with this situation. 


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