What To Look For When Looking For A Divorce Attorney

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Whenever you get into a relationship, everyone expects that it will last. However, for some people, the dream is cut short by unforeseen events that later leads to a divorce. Divorce is never a natural process. It is emotionally and financially draining. It is essential to get a divorce attorney to handle your divorce. 

Remember, several things are at stake during a divorce. You are leaving your long term marriage with your children on the line, and most importantly, your assets and finance are at stake. It is not only about how costly it is but also about how your future will be since your assets and debts will have to be divided between you and your spouse. 

A good divorce attorney will play a big part in how you fair both financially and emotionally after the divorce. But how do you start looking for an attorney? Here are a few guidelines you can follow to identify a good divorce attorney houston tx 


Recommendations are one of the best places you can start to look at. You can inquire from your friends or family members if they know of a good divorce attorney. It is, however, best if you ask the right people so that you can get a good recommendation. You can try asking a family member or friend that has recently gone through a successful divorce. You might as well consider asking a lawyer you have had interactions with before to link you up with a divorce lawyer. By getting a referral lawyer, you can save the time you would be out looking for a lawyer to handle your case. 

Specialization and Experience 

Not every attorney can handle divorce cases. What you need to find is an attorney that has specialized and dedicated their practice to family law. Not only that, the lawyer needs to have the necessary experience that is required to navigate through the case despite any challenges. An attorney that is familiar with the type of cases can anticipate and handle anything that may arise in the middle of a trial. 

You can as well select a divorce lawyer depending on the type of divorce that you want. There are two types of divorces: cooperative and collaborative. Once you are sure of the kind of divorce, you can choose an attorney with enough experience in it. 


When engaging with a divorce attorney, do not overlook the cost of the service. Always find out the price of an attorney before dealing with them. By knowing in advance, you can ascertain if you are financially able to meet the costs of the lawyer. You do not want to stress yourself with more finance related issues during a divorce period when you have other things in mind already. 

Attorneys’ Reputation 

One important consideration you should always look at is the reputation of the attorney. What is the attorney’s success rate? How well does the attorney relate with the clients? If the attorney was through recommendation, you could ask the recommender the questions. Alternatively, you may opt to check online what other clients are saying about the attorney.

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