How do you create a High School Resume for College?

College applications are increasingly getting more and more demanding, in addition to standardized test results and school GPA, most colleges and universities require applicants to submit multiple essays, and a resume detailing his or her accomplishments. The resume often times duplicates the information already in the student’s application, but the intent of the requesting the resume is to evaluate the students ability to assemble and organize information.  The steps required to assemble a resume requires planning and forethought — the process of selecting an effective template, culling down the key…

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Education & Development

High School Resume Examples: How and Where To Find Them

High School Students need resumes just as much as adults who are in the workforce or are entering the workforce.  Adults usually have access to resume examples from their previous jobs, or even from peers at the workplace and also from high priced online resources. High school students, however, encounter a vacuum when they are seeking out resume examples — they have limited to no resources available for finding good quality high school resume examples. They do not have access to the same deep pool of contacts or capital as…

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