How To Perform Wudu and Its Importance

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Wudu is the procedure that all Muslims take part in on a daily basis to cleanse themselves. It is a form of ritual purification, and we need to be in the state of Wudu before offering prayer. Since we have to offer five daily prayers, it’s a given that we must perform Wudu every day.

There are two categories of ritual purification: major and minor. Major ritual purification is required in specific circumstances, such as after having sexual relations with one’s wife, ejaculating, and for women, after menstruation or post-natal bleeding. These are relatively less common occurrences than the ones that make you perform Wudu. For major ritual purification, you must perform Ghusl, which consists of a full-body rinsing. The things that invalidate Wudu are any of the acts of nature, passing wind, sleeping, flatulence, etc.

While performing Wudu, we should ensure we use a minimal amount of water. Wastage is strictly prohibited in Islam. Sadly, it’s not uncommon to see Muslims running taps at top speed, wasting tons of water while performing Wudu. We should avoid this at all costs. The water must also be clean. Impure water, water that has changed in color or taste, water in which unclean things have fallen are all impermissible to use for Wudu.

The Method of Performing Wudu

We must know that there are some obligatory actions for performing wudu. These include washing the face, arms, and feet at least once, and wiping the head. However, we should aspire to follow Prophet Muhammad (S)’s method and stick with the precise Sunnah way of doing Wudu as often as we can.

The first step, as is the case with every Islamic action, is to have the intention of doing Wudu. We must know and accept beforehand that we’re doing Wudu. If we just happen to do a few actions that coincidentally include the parts of Wudu, that doesn’t mean the Wudu is valid. Hence, intentions are critical, but we don’t need to pronounce it. It should be in the heart.

While performing the Wudu, we should avoid lengthy breaks between each act. We should also perform Wudu in the prescribed order. For more details go to Online Quran academy

  • Before starting, we should say Bismillah – once again, a staple of Islam – before engaging in another worthwhile act.
  • First, we should wash our hands up to the wrist three times. First should be the right hand, then the left hand.
  • Next, we should rinse our mouths three times with water. It is best to use a miswaak to rub the teeth as well.
  • After this, we take water into our right hand and sniff it into our nose. With the left hand, we should clean the nose.
  • Next, we should wash the whole face three times. We start from the hairline/forehead and wash the entire face, including the chin.
  • After this, we need to wash both arms up to the elbow three times thoroughly. First, we wash the right arm and then the left.
  • Then, we wet our hands and pass them over our heads and in the hair. We should also put our hands into and behind our ears to clean them.
  • Lastly, we need to wash our feet three times. We wash first the right and then the left, from the toes up to and including the ankles.

That completes the Wudu. You can now go and offer your prayers, or go to the quran hafiz course and read it.

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