Getting Your Storage Unit Organized

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Sometimes, you need to rent a storage unit to keep belongings that won’t fit inside your home. You can also use a unit to store holiday decorations, furniture that you don’t need, or belongings that might become damaged while you’re remodeling your house. Another reason for renting a storage unit would be if you’re moving and need somewhere to keep your belongings until you get settled in your new home. 

When you’re packing boxes to put in a self storage facility reston va offers, try to stay as organized as possible. Don’t put too much in your boxes as they will be too heavy to lift. Avoid using boxes that are awkward sizes because it can be difficult to pack your unit. Plastic storage containers are better than cardboard boxes because they are the same size and can easily be stacked on top of each other. They are often easier to write on as well. After packing items in boxes, you should clearly label the exterior with a general list of things that are inside. If there are fragile items, then you need to write this on the box so that it doesn’t get jostled while being put in the unit. 

Try not to put items in plastic bags to keep in the unit. Although most facilities try to maintain the units so that there aren’t pests running around, you never know if there could be something inside the unit that can tear into a plastic bag. If you’re storing appliances, make sure they are cleaned on the inside and that all of the cords are securely wrapped around the appliance. Drain the water from a refrigerator or freezer if you are storing these inside the unit. Instead of using a lot of plastic to wrap your belongings, use towels, washcloths, and sheets. If you’re going to need to pack these items in the unit anyway, then avoid getting additional supplies as you can use what you already have. Make sure all of the boxes that you store are sealed securely to keep moisture from getting inside as well as any pests that might get inside the unit. 

When you put boxes in your unit, you don’t want to just start putting items inside with no plan of action. Think about the things that you might need from the unit before everything is removed. These boxes should be placed near the door. Put something on the floor of the unit to keep your belongings protected. Pallets work well as they can keep your boxes from being directly on the floor. Don’t put items that are wet inside the unit because they can result in mildew and mold forming. 

Leave a pathway in the unit to make it easier to access all of the boxes that are inside. Don’t stack boxes too high because they could fall over inside the unit and can be difficult to reach when you go inside. If possible, take furniture apart so that it doesn’t take up as much space in the unit.

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