The most common reasons for moving

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There are many different reasons for people to move to has a new home; in fact, there is often a combination of reasons. Autumn is a busy time for estate agents – as children go back to school and the summer holidays become a distant memory, people start to look to the future and make new plans.


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Where we live is often determined by where we work, with our career the most common reason for changing location. Starting a new job or simply wanting an easier commute to work can both result in us wanting to live within easy travelling distance.

Another reason for moving to a new location is to live in a better area or simply to have a change of scenery.

People often move to be nearer their family or decide to leave the city and bring up their children in a more rural area, such as Oxfordshire. A homebuyers report Oxfordshire is essential when buying a property, so money should be set aside to cover this and all the other costs of moving.

Financial reasons

Other reasons for moving include wanting to downsize. This may be because children have left home and moved into homes of their own, a marital breakdown, or financial pressures caused by loss of work. Alternatively, people may move if they have had an increase in income and decide they want a bigger home.


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Moving to a new house can be stressful and hard work; in fact, people who live alone can find it overwhelming. Anyone looking to move in the Oxfordshire area will need a homebuyers report Oxfordshire.

Stages of life

Young people tend to move for their jobs and for lifestyle reasons; for example, they often want to be near the city and the social life this provides. For people who have a young family, the most important reason to move to a new house is the desire for a family home. People who are newly retired or considering retirement often downsize to release capital for travelling, to help family members, or to be nearer to their children and grandchildren.

Despite many believing that a home is all about the investment opportunity, most people want a home that they are happy to live in and that enables them to enjoy a better quality of life.

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