The Evolution of Agriculture

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For thousands of years, people from all parts of the world have adapted to different ways of farming and cropping. Food production is very important to every country, especially in the ancient times where our older generations had to hunt and search for food themself. It was more of a challenge to grow crops and harvest them since winter time was very hard on many civilizations. Fortunately, time has evolved and food has never been easier to grow, raise and harvest. Now, food that used to rot in days expires within months and sometimes even years when canned or dried. Long shelf-life foods have now made it possible for countries to ship, export and trade with each other. Goods can be shipped faster with planes instead of having a six-month trip on a sailboat. Without the help of technology making food easier and faster to obtain, agricultural work would be hard and time-consuming.

Technology That Has Made Farming Easier, But Dangerous

What used to take months to grow in the ancient days now takes weeks with recent fertilization products. Unfortunately, quick results doesn’t always mean better when it comes to cropping. Some companies have found that genetically altering the way plants and animals grow is faster, easier and can potentially make them more money. A commercial sell that many companies have used in the past since 1994 and are still using is Genetically Modified Organisms. This man made production rapidly grows food, artificially makes them bigger and even worse, can make people sick. GMOs is beneficial for companies profit and makes running their business cheaper, but it can hurt the people consuming it. GMOs is in fact a very hazardous way to grow crops, and has caused animals to die by the thousands. Therefore, it is often best for agricultural farmers not to mix man-made technology with the nature of plant and animals.
Products that have made agriculture quick and safe

Although a lot of companies have taken advantage of how much GMOs have saved them money and time, there are others that do not find it okay. Companies everyday are finding ways and ideas to grow their crops fast and healthy without the use of pesticides and harmful GMOs. Any organic fertilizer products are available online and in-store for both gardeners and farmers to use. Many of these fertilizers include animal manure, Rock Phosphate and Greensand. These are all natural plant fertilizes without the use of chemicals and help plants grow efficiently and naturally.

With new ideas and ways to grow crops without causing harm, there are many options available that companies can use grow agricultural food naturally. Therefore it is not necessary for farmers to use cheap, quick and poor quality fertilizers. We have evolved in a way that can change food forever, but it’s important that we alter agriculture in a healthy way for the animals, people, environment and the planet.

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