How to Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

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While gardening is inherently green. There are still lots of things things in a garden that can be harmful to the Earth. Things such as the chemicals that you may use, or even sometimes the techniques in play when gardening. 

The first thing that can make your garden even more green than it already is using a rain barrel. Many places around the world suffer from unclean drinking water. Also many places suffer from droughts, and it is important to conserve water. A rain barrel is a great way to reuse water that is given via rain. This barrel collect water when it rains to be used again later for your plants. This not only helps conserve water, but also help save on your water bill. These rain barrels are DIY-able and would make a great addition to any garden, big or small. 

While on the topic of water, over watering your garden or lawn is one of the most common things done wrong. Not only can this risk your plants health, but also is bad for the environment. Mentioned earlier, over-usage of water can lead to droughts. And with water being such an important resource to people and the environment to survive, it is important to respect it. Some ways to cut down on the water usage are to water when it’s cool out. This will help more water soak into the ground before being evaporated. Another tip is know the amount of water a plant needs and do not over water. This will help the plant grow to the best of its ability. 

Another way to make your farm more green is using less harmful chemicals. Whether it is chemical-based fertilizer to help your plants grow. Or pesticides to help keep bugs out of your garden. Going with an organic fertilizer and other chemical free products is a going green choice. These chemical based products seep into the water table and can cause nasty side effects for the plant over time. When comparing this to the organic option, the excess won’t damage the planet. Starting with even one organic product at a time is a good starting point for making your garden green. 

When starting a garden it is good to consider planting organic seeds. These seeds are the best for the environment. The way these seeds are cultivated and packaged have green intentions in mind. These seeds are pesticide free, when compared to other non-organic seeds. Also these seeds will be untreated. Sometimes the treating process can be harmful to the environment, due to the chemicals on the seed. Buying these seeds from an organic farmer also helps support other green business. Encouraging and supporting a green friendly business, helps create a more green ecosystem as a whole. 

Overall a green garden can seem like quite an undertaking. But gradually implementing some of these things can make a change. It is important that when you are gardening, to respect the Earth. Without it, your garden would not exist.


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