How do you create a High School Resume for College?

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College applications are increasingly getting more and more demanding, in addition to standardized test results and school GPA, most colleges and universities require applicants to submit multiple essays, and a resume detailing his or her accomplishments. The resume often times duplicates the information already in the student’s application, but the intent of the requesting the resume is to evaluate the students ability to assemble and organize information.  The steps required to assemble a resume requires planning and forethought — the process of selecting an effective template, culling down the key pieces of information into a single page, and tying it all together can be challenging to high school students. By requesting a high school resume for college application, admissions officers are looking for skills of organization that may be key to succeeding at college level.

This is where a automated resume builder can help, since it can assemble a good high school resume for college  applications. When a wide range of examples of high school templates are made available to students, they can select examples that are best suited to their taste. The usual examples of resumes seldom serves the needs of high school students, since these never highlight school activities, GPA, athletics, clubs  etcetera, which are essential to a good college application. In addition, high school students by and large do not have meaningful work experiences that can be mentioned on their resumes. This mismatch between adult resume examples and high school resume examples makes it difficult to do utilize an example of adult resume for a high school student applying to college. is an ideal  resume builder for high school students, it utilizes a questionnaire that is oriented specifically at high school students. It collects information about the high school student’s accomplishments at school: GPA, school clubs, athletics, hobbies and the like. This is then automatically filled into a suitable  high school resume template . The result is an clean and informative resume that is specifically oriented to high school students needs. The high school resume builder even looks for work experiences that are likely to be found among high school students such as mowing lawns, sitting pets or child care; while it eschews the experiences likely to be found on adult resumes. When such a resume is created  college admissions officers can quickly identify the key accomplishments of the applicant, while by itself the resume may not be enough to obtain an admit decision, it can certainly be a important component of a holistic decision process. This makes it essential that high school resume for college be created with attention to detail, ideally with the help of a good high school resume builder.

In conclusion, by using a resume builder for high school students, students can create effective and winning high school resumes for college.


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