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How Classroom Walkthroughs Are Creating Better Teachers

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You may have heard this all the time. While technology evolves exponentially educational system looks to be at the same point it was more than a century ago. That is why some professionals have thought about merging both concepts to get the school back the importance it deserves.

Every running day, more and more teachers worldwide are aware of the so-called ‘ classroom walkthrough software‘. Our students will use technologies anyways and it generally does not end up well. You know what the problem is: we live in the era with the most distractions in history.

When it comes to designing our future by teaching kids how to be successful. Getting distracted only makes things harder. But they are already using those devices everyday! The fact that their attention is being controlled is not questionable; so why not controlling it by ourselves to put a right direction?

Otherwise, it will be too complicated to make them pay attention. What’s more, the amount of time people may keep focused is decreasing day after day. How can we fix this to avoid learning problems?

Classroom walkthrough is a trend which only intend is to increase the quality o instruction of teachers. The single most important skill these programs instruct is leadership. To successfully teach it, students must respond and adapt: work as a team on understanding a problem or dilemma, building a plan and collectively finding a solution.

Of course, none of these will work. Before that, those skills are should have been mastered by the teacher himself. Reality is making a group of students requires leadership and coherent values according to the objective.

Specifically, classroom walkthrough translates into the observation of the classroom performance made by a supervisor. Nonetheless, there’s not enough evidence to uphold whether the walkthrough model actually works. Future research and experience will give us a better outlook.

At least the idea is well created. Now, the only objection is that there has to be a way to evaluate the instructor performance without modifying his or her development of the class. This is what naturally happens every time an individual knows it is being observed.

Regardless of that we should not confuse this system with investigations. The model purpose is not evaluating but improving a training. It means that the supervision intend is identifying weaknesses and blind spots to make the training more effective.

Overall, any type of preparation this model offers follows these five goals. Students should show interest in the topic by making others questions and thinking critically. The second one is vital to ensure high quality learning. When students behave by following those patterns and giving the right feedback you know you are doing it well. 

Finally it is important to recap the leadership skill. One as a teacher may be tempted to think that his job is to teach and transfer his information as effectively as he knows. One may think that it’s not worth hearing or caring about classroom’s acceptance because students are ultimately the ones who decide their effectiveness. 

But it doesnt have to be that way. Being a teacher is probably communicating the majority of the time. That is why leadership is the secret ingredient that classroom walkthroughs want to create.


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