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Further Your Career with Virtual Learning

My first job out of high school was working at a real estate office. I would file paperwork; most of my duties involved talking to people over the phone. I liked to work with people in my community. It made me feel like a had some responsibility and involvement in other people’s lives. That’s something I learned to enjoy at an early age, so I guess that’s why I wanted to remain heavily involved in my community as an adult. The jobs we have when we’re young sometimes help open doors for us to find a good career as an adult; I suppose that was the case with my career. 

I tried to get into real estate because that seemed like the most obvious career path. I took the real estate agent training course. I recommend these types of online training courses to anyone who is interested in furthering their own education and development. I thought that online training courses weren’t for me when I was starting out in this career path. Moving from high school to working and trying to further my own education created some obstacles for me to overcome. Initially, I was afraid that I wasn’t getting the information I should have been getting with online learning. This fear is common among people in my generation. 

The more I worked on the online training courses, the more I enjoyed them. I started taking better notes on my own. I filled notebooks with what the instructors were saying in their video lessons. I wasn’t afraid to stop the video demonstrations and go back to hear what I had missed. In this way, I discovered how online learning can be better than learning in the classroom. I used to get overwhelmed by all the information that teachers would throw at us in school. Teachers at my high school would cover the blackboards with information, and we would have to read out of heavy textbooks. It wasn’t easy to get all that information. However, online learning is different because it’s self paced. 

When I decide to take more training in my career path, I no longer fear taking courses online. Last year, I signed up for an Online Home Inspector Training Course that gives me the responsibility to help my community in an entirely new way. I wasn’t happy working as a real estate agent, but I’m glad I started out in their offices because I found out about the work home inspectors do, and I really enjoy the work so far. 

My experience using the learning programs was different than younger generations. Young generations of people get on the internet without a problem. It took some time for me to adapt to the systems they use, but eventually I was enjoying learning more than I remember enjoying it in school. There wasn’t any pressure to get things right the way there often is in a classroom. I recommend it for anyone who needs to go further in their career.


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