The Balance Between Cost Efficiency And Productivity

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As it has been for decades in the Tech industry cost efficiency, productivity, and performance are the main limiting factors when it comes to production. Products need to be effective in their field and maintain the ability to perform at high levels of efficiency, while still being inexpensive enough to allow companies to meet their profit margins based on the cost of production. This is basic economics. Some products such as flex circuit boards simply outperform their counterparts. Rigid circuit boards are much cheaper to produce and therefore are still used in production of electronics instead of flex circuit boards when it is at all possible. In fact in some industries such as space and aero dynamics sometimes use hybrid products such as rigid flex circuit boards. These have components of both flex and rigid circuit boards held together using different types of epoxy, glue and expensive polymers in order to maintain flexible and highly efficient yields while utilizing rigid portions in order to lower cost of production. Head to online if you would like to learn more about this technology. 

There are many other categories of technology which utilize this balance between cost and performance. Some of my favorites tend to be the gaming industry, the PC industry both production and packaging. Believe it or not a gigantic amount of money goes into budgeting for research and development when it comes to packaging of technological equipment. One never knows how a product will react to shipment unless a proper amount of research has gone into the packaging and shipping requirements prior to shipment occurs. Most people wouldn’t believe that an entire industry has been developed in order to fulfill the varying needs of Tech companies when deciding how to ship products based on conscious and non-conscious design flaws present in the industry.

Companies have developed the fundamental niche and which they currently rule. They have compiled years of research and compounded efforts of experimentation in order to provide companies the proper methodology necessary to ensure proper shipment while maintaining as little damage to their product as possible. This is why companies may be selling undervalued products which were returned due to damage. Products may only have received damage on the packaging which they were sent in. For instance, if you ever find yourself searching through one of the many online distributors for any type of Tech product you should always check for certified refurbished items or warehouses specials. I would say that 90% of these products are products which were shipped to a person or company and upon reception the case in which they were contained happened to be damaged. Most of the Tech products which I possess our state-of-the-art top of the line overly expensive products that I received at a discount simply because the box or packaging had a 1″ to 2″ scratch or was opened and resealed with non-factory sealant. Always investigate damaged Tech products with an open mind.

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