Not just for Plumbers: Pipe Inspection Cameras

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This website is the top seller of pipe inspection cameras. Through them you can get all your equipment needs met. Many businesses nationally and internationally order supplies through them. Maybe you’re looking for a fiberscope, a rigid bore scope or evening a fully articulated aviation borescope. This website has what you’re looking for. They will even help you if you are not sure exactly what you need. They get a majority of their customers or clients through the aviation or aerospace field. A majority of these customers opt for a camera that can be moved in at least 2 directions. They also have cameras with higher resolutions for people who need it. 

In case you’re wondering why someone would need a pipe camera, the reason is sometimes your sinks or shower drain might get clogged. With the use of a camera it makes the clog easy to see especially if it’s way down inside the pipe. It’s also good to help maintain clean sewer lines to prevent a backup or clogs. A pipe camera can also be useful in determining where a broken pipe is located at or what caused the pipe to bust. 

Today pipe cameras are not just for the use in sewers. Other industries find them quite helpful also. Some of the pipe cameras offered through them have a 360-degree camera to get a better view of what you’re looking at. They sell cameras as small as 6 mm and cameras with up to 1000 ft of adjustable length. Many specialists like a feature known as the tilt and pan and it’s available with the model VIS 350. 

They also provide repair services on any borescopes. All of their work has to meet OES standards. They will provide a free estimate on how much it will cost to fix the issues with your borescope. Some specialist may require certain scopes that aren’t standard. Or needed a specific feature that usually isn’t offered. They can provide you with specialty or custom borescopes. Some examples on what they can offer you include: UV scope, a non-articulating scope or maybe you need a videoscope with removable parts. They can help you with whatever scoping needs you have. 

They also offer the ability to rent certain kinds of equipment. You can rent 4 mm videoscope for $250.00 a day. You can rent a DVR videoscope for $500.00 a day. Or an inspection kit video scope, that will cost you $375.00 a day. A few other options include: 6 mm scope rentals ($99.00 a day), and an Olympus videoscope rental ($250.00 a day). They also have several other cameras available for you to rent. 

Buying or renting a camera can bring a ease of mind. If you ever have any plumbing problems. They allow for a visual image of what’s wrong with the pipes and lines. This allows the problem to get fixed a lot quicker without having to spend a lot of money.


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