What to Do When You Are Stuck on The Highway

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Most people know the importance of keeping your car or truck running right. Regular oil changes and checking all of the fluids in the car are one of the things that must be done. Having the proper air pressure in your tires and checking them for wear regularly should be a part of your car care routine. Adding fuel when it is needed is so obvious, it doesn’t even have to be mentioned. But, there are times when it will be necessary to call for tow truck services Gilbert AZ. You never know what could go wrong with a vehicle but by regularly maintaining your car, you cut down the risk of having to do this. 

Contacting A Towing Company 

If you are driving down a road and suddenly a light comes on your dashboard or a tire begins to go flat, you may be able to pull off the road and fix it yourself. But, other than simple fixes, you will need to contact a towing service to have your vehicle brought to a mechanic shop. Finding one while you are stuck in the middle of the road can be difficult, but, with Smartphones, this process could be simple. You can search online for a nearby location and contact them all with a couple of clicks. If you do not have this type of device, you should wait until police or highway patrol units come and they can contact one for you. 

What To Expect When Being Towed 

When the tow truck arrives, the driver will quickly ascertain whether you need to be brought into a mechanic or if it is something that he can quickly repair. Many times, the drivers of these trucks are also mechanics and carry certain tools with them. If the car needs to be towed in, they will allow you to drive to the service station in their truck. When you arrive, the driver of the tow truck will expect to be paid for his service. Normally, tow trucks are not associated with the mechanic they have brought you to. Fees for the service vary and in bad weather, the fee will usually go up since the risk to them is greater. 

How To Describe Your Location When Calling 

The most important detail when calling for a tow truck is to be able to explain to them exactly where you are located. Highways will have mile markers on them, so you can relay that information. If you are on a secluded road, a street name is helpful. This reduces the time it takes for them to arrive. 

Towing service companies are located all over, and most are privately owned. There are no major towing service corporations. Each towing company sets their own price for the service and there are very few regulations regarding them. They must be fully insured and licensed to tow but that is all they are required to have. The tow truck drivers must all be licensed with the right type of license.


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