The Reason Coffee Is a Beloved Beverage

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A significant number of people around the globe have a love affair with coffee that is perhaps more enduring than any other relationship in their life. If you drink coffee, then you understand how important this beverage can become to your life. The love of coffee isn’t necessarily because of the extra energy it provides through caffeine, sometimes it’s about a way of living that starts first thing in the morning and lasts throughout the day. 

The ways in which people consume coffee is wide-ranging. Some people enjoy their first cup early in the morning and a second cup once their day is off to a good start. There are some coffee enthusiasts who consume it like a slow drip, having small cups throughout the day. When you figure in iced coffee, lattes, flavored coffee and Starbucks K Cup pod products, there is no end to the number of ways in which people can enjoy the consumption of coffee. 

A couple of decades ago, it seemed as though the consumption of coffee at corner shops was just a trend, but as it turns out, it was the beginning of a multi-billion dollar industry. Coffee transitioned from a beverage that you consume for the purpose of helping you wake up in the morning and stay awake during the day, to a beverage that is enjoyed seemingly at every possible opportunity. It’s something over which friendships are built and good times are had, both in your personal and professional life. 

An interesting aspect of coffee consumption that has taken shape in recent years is the trend of sharing the experience on social media. There has even been an increase in coffee art that leverages foam to create decorative images. A common type of photo seen on social media, as it relates to coffee, is one with the person cuddled up with a book and what appears to be a perfect cup of coffee. In many ways, coffee consumption and the socializing that occurs around it has become a status symbol for not only hipsters, but professionals, college students and everyone in between. 

Given its popularity, there’s no wonder the price of coffee has increased exponentially over the past decade. While paying several dollars for a cup of coffee would have seemed implausible years ago, now it’s commonplace, particularly as it relates to specialty drinks with fancy names. The coffee movement does not seem to be slowing down, but instead accelerating with more coffee shops hitting the market worldwide. 

How we consume coffee has also changed to some degree. There are some people who collect coffee mugs of all types, which have recently become much larger in size. There are also coffee mugs that are reminiscent of the old days, yet more sophisticated and often with messaging in the form of famous quotes or quips. There’s also bottled coffee that’s prepackaged and sold in grocery and convenience stores. Regardless of how it’s consumed, the love of coffee is here to stay, to the delight of many.


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