Military Personnel and Veterans Should Take Advantage of Online Learning

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Getting your online degree is a great option, especially for military personnel. Online classes offer flexibility that traditional colleges do not. As long as you are able to submit your assignments on time, and have an internet connection, you are able to attend online classes. All aspects of online learning are streamlined. one reason for this streamlined approach is that all material is available digitally this is including but not limited to the syllabus, the books needed for the class, and all material and assignments. With digital books you are able to highlight material digitally and even take notes that you can refer back to any time you log into your class. 

The overall format of the classes generally stays the same no matter what class you’re taking. Having online university for military personnel or veterans is a viable option. This will involve some type of discussion questions where the professor or instructor of the class assigned the topic that you must respond to an approximately 250 words. the discussion questions also allow for student interaction with each other. Generally your asked to respond to two students discussion questions. 

At a distance learning environment the classes are accelerated. This Means that a class that may take 12 to 16 weeks in a traditional learning environment is condensed into a shorter timeframe which may be anywhere from four to eight weeks. In online classes You may be able to take one to two classes at a time. This helps you to focus instead of trying to carry a full schedule of six or more classes at a time. 

Some online classes even have a long term paper at the end of the class in place of a final exam. Online learning is a good option for military personnel because no matter where you are stationed in the country or anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the computer and the internet you can access your classes and materials. Many online colleges and universities accept the GI bill which can cover all or at least the majority of your costs. 

Online learning is a good option as long as you are self-directed student. Some online colleges even have a department that just works with military students and veterans. the GI Bill can be used up to 15 years after your last known military service.

Distance education is a good option for adults in general. It allows working adults or even stay at home parents to work around their schedule. The main thing to consider and any Higher Learning environment weather traditional or online is accreditation. there are six accrediting bodies in the US depending on the geographical location of the University or Institution. Accreditation is the difference between whether prospective employers will value your degree or not. 

Many online universities offer The Unofficial transcripts online for you to access. The official transcripts can also be available digitally for an additional cost. This is very convenient if you ever need to email your transcripts to a perspective or current employer.


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