How to Prepare Your Toddler for Future Success in School

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They are adorable, curious, and ready to learn. Toddlers keep their parents busy while providing near constant entertainment. Many parents might not realize that the toddler years are when children begin to set habits, develop a love of learning, and learn how to socially interact with others. All parents want their children to succeed in every aspect of life. Take advantage of natural toddler curiosity and help prepare them for future success in a fun way that they won’t even realize is educational. 

Intentional Play 

Playtime is the best opportunity for learning. Intentional play means that there is a goal or purpose to the activity. Free play is also important to allow toddlers to use their creativity and imagination. A balance of both intentional and free play provides the best results. 

Montessori activities can be done at home. One of the many focuses it teaching toddlers how to do things themselves. It provides them with the freedom to learn, practice, and master tasks many parents would usually do themselves. They build confidence and self-esteem as they garner praise for mastering new tasks. 

Making Learning Fun and Rewarding 

Toddler logic is often simple. If an activity is fun then they will want to participate. Practicing writing and learning counting can be made entertaining by adding variety to each task. For example, printable worksheets can be found in countless themes. Parents can select what they know their child will be drawn to. Math can be made tangible by using fruit snacks, grapes, raisins, or other tantalizing treats. When a child correlates positive emotions with learning they begin to look forward to lesson time. Be sure to reward all attempts, whether correct or not, with stickers or other simple prizes. 

Creating Social Interactions 

The best way for small children to learn how to interact with others in different situations is through regular socializing. Combined learning, play, and socializing can be found in pre-kindergarten West Jordan UT. There are different schedules available such as a few times a week, summer programs, all-day options, and so on. Toddlers learn how to share, empathize, teamwork, and many more positive qualities in pre-k. Small children also learn core subjects together. This leads to each child being better prepared for kindergarten by having a head start on the information they will need to know, getting used to time away from parents, and learning to take instructions from a teacher. There are countless benefits of early childhood education for toddlers. 

Everyday playtime can become a learning experience. Intentional and free play are great methods for teaching a toddler at home. Rewarding and praising toddlers when they try something they were shown or master something new creates positive correlations with learning. Socializing with other children helps toddlers to learn new skills that will help them on their educational journey. Pre-kindergarten is an ideal way to help toddlers with all of these aspects. Toddlers have a natural desire to learn, it needs to be encouraged.


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