Enhancing our Vision Is the Pipedream

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Do you have a constant need to view unviewable places? Maybe you prefer to see it before you take an action. Whether it be drain pipes or crawlspaces, you may want to look into purchasing a camera that can help. A pipe inspection camera is a corded micro device that is primarily used for visually inspecting hard to reach places. This allows people to easily view things like pipes without having to tear them apart if there is a potential blockage. It also applies to other areas of life as well if needed.

These pipeline cameras can be fit to accommodate any type of job as well. They can be handheld or even attached to a crain cable that is dropped into a large oil pipe if that is what the job requires. These cameras can be used to view the bottom of a piped area, or they can be slowly pulled along a pipe to review things like corrosion within a water piped wall. 

Analysis of the video footage can also be used in various forms. It can be a live streaming (depending on the type of camera you buy) or it can just record for review at a later time, it is all dependent on the type of work being conducted. More general information can be view here around different ways to use the pipeline camera. 

One very particular job that needs to be completed using a pipe camera is a drains survey. This survey will show corrosion, holes and blockages into a pipeline that may require replacement. For pipelines with multiple branches, there are special large diameter cameras that can send off micro cameras in any lateral direction up with 30 meters to arcuately survey any type of environment. For more information on different types of cameras and surveys, feel free to reference this article around surveys and inspections.

So far, we have only focused on a specific industry, while in fact these pipe cameras are used across numerus industries to help both save and protect lives. Think about the health field. They use very small versions of pipe cameras to navigate through the human body to locate tumors and perform surgeries. This gives doctors additional perspective that could expose new information resulting in saving a human life. Another great example is your local police force, they have fiber optic versions of these cameras when performing detective work in order to peek behind doors and through ventilation systems.

At the end of the day, no matter what the job is, Pipeline cameras for inspection are the future when it comes to a less invasive way to handling life’s tightest problems. Whether you are digging a ditch to potentially install a new drain system, or you are evasive heart surgery. For more information on specifically what an inspection camera is and different use cases, visit this resource. Technology is becoming an important part of our everyday lives, cameras will continue to advance and lead this charge into a safer future.


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