When You Do Your Job You’re Entitled to the Reward

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Guilt is a rather odd thing. The people who should find themselves overcome by guilt are often the last to actually feel it. And the people who have the least need to feel guilty about anything are often the first to be overcome. This is well illustrated by the idea of survivors guilt. 

Imagine someone with cancer. They fight it, just as most people do. And they end up beating the odds. Their cancer is in remission and they have every probability of living a full life. But they find themselves oddly unhappy. They actually feel guilty about living. No matter how good their life is, they feel that other people with cancer might have deserved to live more than they personally do. That’s the basic idea of survivor’s guilt. 

It might not sound very logical. And to be sure, it really isn’t about logic. This might seem like a bit overly tangential to the main topic of discussion. But before we talk about worker’s compensation you should remember to keep survivor’s guilt in mind. Because guilt and workers compensation are strongly linked together. 

Workers compensation is a fairly complex subject in and of itself. But the main thing that the average person needs to know is that it’s usually a federal necessity. The history of workers compensation shows that it’s been a rather long journey to get to this point. But we’re not at a stage where doing business usually means having some form of workers compensation available to employees. It’s not just a good idea for the average business owner. Having workers compensation available to employees is almost always a law. 

But, this is where we return to the idea of guilt. Workers compensation is so important that it’s mandated at a federal level. So why do so few people who deserve workers compensation actually take advantage of it? The answer, as you may have guessed, comes down to guilt. We tend to feel a lot of loyalty to our workplaces. And that extends to the people we work with as well. 

A workplace injury invokes a type of survivors guilt. People feel guilty taking money away from the company they worked for. They feel guilty too for a misplaced idea that they could be letting their coworkers down as well. But all of these reasons ignore the whole point of workers compensation. 

Anyone who thinks they might be due workers compensation should check in with a local attorney. For example, in Kansas City one would look for a workers compensation attorney services kansas city mo style. This refers to a style of business that takes local laws and ideals into consideration when offering advice. 

The attorney will almost certainly fight against any misplaced ideas of guilt. One can usually secure a free consultation. Or at least a fairly low cost initial visit. When doing so the attorney will usually discuss how workplaces actually insure themselves. Paying workers compensation won’t take money away from coworkers. The business itself will seldom even feel the monetary loss. 

Instead one simply gets funds that he or she deserves. It’s money to keep the person’s family safe and secure. It’s money to pay for medical expenses. And more than anything it’s money that a person deserves.

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