Linen Clothing: The Persistent Fashion trend over the years

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With days get warmer and longer, and the sun looking shinier we are all looking for fashionable yet comfortable clothes to wear. Clothes that will make us look trendy, classy and stand out of the crowd without compromising on our ease and comfort of course.

Some fabrics like linen, denim, cotton and silk etc are always in despite the ever changing fashion trends. Out of these, linen is particularly everybody’s favorite due to being super comfortable, soft and versatile. Even though the cuts, shapes, lengths and colors of the dresses might change but the fabric is a constant in the mainstream.

So why is linen so popular?

Well firstly, linen cloth is appreciated by all because of it being so comfortable to wear, both during the summers and winters. In the South East Asia, linen is a fabric which features in all clothing stores especially during the winters whilst in the US, UK and Australia it’s a constant favorite. Particularly in Australia with the weather changes being so drastic, linen can be worn all year long.

Shirts, pants and dresses made out of linen are particularly preferred in the summers due to being airy, light and especially because it feels so soft on the skin

Above all, Linen fabric is very durable, and is bound to last you quite a few years. Linen can withstand many washings, and are also suitable for travelling, as they take less space and weigh quite less. On top of that, linen doesn’t need any fancy washing settings, they can be washed by hand and dry quite quickly in open air. But if you do plan on washing your linen clothes in a machine, you simply need to tumble dry them. The cherry on top being is that linen clothes naturally have lines in them so you can wear them as they are, but if you want to iron them make sure to iron them while they are still damp.

Linen clothes are something that can be worn by both men and women. Whilst men might prefer more simple outfits like classic shirts and pants made out of linen, women have more diverse options. Especially linen home wear is a category all women are absolutely in love with! There are a lot of options available for linen dresses online and you can choose the perfect one that suits you and your fashion preferences best.

Other than being used as for clothing, linen fabric is also considered a favorite for all sorts of household textile due to being strong and versatile. Above that it is generally easy care and adds a certain elegant and exquisite touch to your home interior. Linen can be used for anything from tablecloths, napkins, to runners etc. Apart from being a practical choice, linen tends to add a certain organic touch to your home as well and is an ideal choice for any kind of settings that you might want.


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