All that you need to know about CMMS

Maintenance management is an essential aspect of any business. In fact, it is the thin line between the success and downfall of a business. The way a company allocates and facilitates its resources determines whether it can keep up with its competitors or whether it will cave in the face of adversity. Fortunately, the ever-dynamic world of business has brought with it game-changing inventions and gone are the day’s maintenance management teams had to perform every task manually as they now can control everything at the touch of a button. This has been made possible by the emergence of software such as CMMS. Below is all you need to know about the life-changing software and how to select the best one for your business. 

What is CMMS? 

CMMS is an acronym for computerized maintenance management system. Most people shun away from it just at the mention of its formal name, but it is not as complicated as it sounds. Just as the name suggests, CMMS is a software intended to digitalize and make maintenance tasks less hectic. It achieves that by making it possible for an organization’s maintenance team to compile information about its resources and assets in one place and make it accessible to all the concerned parties. 

To help you understand consider this example, you are a real estate property owner who wants to build a large commercial building. As a busy person with minimal knowledge about construction work, you hire a manager who oversees the site. He/she will be responsible for the allocation of resources to the laborers and will set the pace of how activities are carried out. To make this possible you will entrust them with a certain amount of materials and money to facilitate the entire activity. In return, they’ll have to keep track of what materials went where, what tasks will be carried out and give you an approximate date that your project might see completion. 

In the past, this was a tedious task as the project manager had to record manually or using an ordinary excel based program. This often led to massive losses because such managers could not keep track of what went to who and who is supposed to do what to facilitate the project. But with CMMS software it is now possible to keep track of all these activities as the manager will keep a record of what he/she is responsible for, schedule tasks to junior employees and ensure they are completed at the right time. If anything goes wrong, he/she will know who to question because all the info is automatically recorded. Additionally, there are packages such as preventive maintenance CMMS software which lessen the burden of carrying out preventive maintenance. 

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Software 

No matter how much you invest in your equipment they are still subject to wear and tear and have an expected lifespan. In respect to that, they are set to break down in the long run. This can be averted through preventive maintenance. But as humans, we are prone to forgetfulness and rushing at the last minute which often leads to costly repairs, losses in time and money because reactive maintenance tends to slow down other processes. However, with preventive software, you can keep track of the status of an equipment, when it should undergo maintenance and its history of repairs. 

Other Benefits 

– CMMS software maintains the history of an equipment making it possible to figure out the cost of repairs and make it easy for technicians to identify underlying problems and diagnose them before they happen during the routine maintenance sessions. 
– Helps you comply with government rules and regulations concerning repairs and maintenance checks as it reminds you of when they should be carried out 
– Maintains accountability 
– Increases the safety of your employees because all the machines remain in tip-top shape 
– Reduces downtime 
– Reduces paperwork and enhances productivity 

CMMS is highly efficient and unfortunately with its efficacy came skyrocketing popularity. That makes choosing the right one an incredibly futile task as there are over 200 CMMS software in the market currently. Fortunately, with the tips below choosing one shouldn’t be that tough 


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