Things To Consider When Planning Funeral Services

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Families face many difficult decisions together, ranging from where to live to where their children will attend college. Some of the toughest decisions happen when a family member passes away though. Not only is the family in a period of mourning, but they also must choose funeral services Hunterdon county NJ that meet their funeral expense budgets. It’s a situation that frequently causes family arguments and disagreements, but with some thought out planning, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

The Planning Meeting 

One of the first things that occurs is meeting with the funeral home and any professionals involved in the arrangements. Frequently an adult child, spouse or parent of the deceased is looked to as the decision maker. This does not mean that person needs to go it alone. Plan ahead of time for who will attend the meeting with that person at the funeral home. It does not have to be all the relatives, but having at least one additional person can make decisions easier. That person can be the “voice of reason” and encourage the family member to make logical and cost appropriate decisions. 

The Viewings 

A tradition in many cultures is for there to be a time or times when family members and friends of the deceased can come to pay their respects. This might be done with an open casket or a closed casket. Factors that go into this decision may include the physical condition of the deceased and any wishes in the matter the deceased expressed ahead of time. 

When scheduling viewings, if attendance is expected to be high, having multiple viewings is beneficial. This will allow the family members to spend time interacting with the guests that are attending. Having viewings at different times of the day will allow guests who may not be able to travel at certain times due to health conditions or work schedules. Scheduling one the night before the funeral or the morning of the viewing will offer an option for those from out of town that are traveling for the funeral and wish to attend a viewing. 

The Funeral Ceremony 

The type of funeral may be determined by the deceased, as many plan ahead for their own funerals today. If specific desires are not expressed, the religion that the deceased was will play a role, with Catholics commonly having a full mass for the ceremony. Other religions, or those that are not religious may prefer to have a short memorial ceremony. Either one typically allows speakers to share their memories of the deceased. Ideally at least one will be scheduled with others permitted to volunteer to share as well. 

Gravesite Or Not? 

The time of year can play a significant role in this decision. If the deceased has military or civic club affiliations will also be considered. Weather and the ages of attendees is yet another. Planning ahead will help plan this portion and design a respectful and memorable funeral for the deceased.


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