Replacing Your Current Boiler System

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If you are looking to replace the existing boiler system at your place of business with a newer, more efficient unit, there are many options for you to choose from. The first thing you will need to do is to meet with an industrial contractor who will be able to do this type of work. Finding one is easy if you look on the internet, there are several located in each large city and you should have them give you estimates on the replacement. Also, have them suggest the type of system you should have installed. Depending on what you are using to run the system, whether it’s electric or propane or fuel oil, the choices will vary and so will the price of the new system. 

Types Of Boiler Systems Available 

Many of the boilers that use propane or fuel oils today are the most efficient units that you can purchase. They are easily maintained and will last for many years. Most contractors will recommend that you put one of these type boiler systems in your building. Electric systems do not often produce enough heat to warm up very large spaces and will therefore run constantly. This also increases the monthly amount you will pay for your electric service. The new fuel type systems come in many forms and one of the newest ones is called a fire tube boiler. This system uses many small tubes where fire passes through. The tubes run through sealed water containers which eventually produce steam. Steam heat is one of the best ways to warm up large spaces and that is why they are so popular with big businesses. You can find out more information on this type of boiler by looking for any fire tube boiler manufacturers on the internet. 

How Your System Will Be Replaced 

When you change over your heating system for your business, it is best to do this work during the warm months of the year. This reduces the amount of time that you may need to close if you have no heat. The contractor you hire should be able to work around the activities that go on in your company. They will change it over in stages so that there is very little interruption. You may need to arrange to have certain areas moved to a new spot temporarily. The contractor should be able to complete all of the work including any plumbing work within a week or so. Barring any problems, the work should go very smoothly. 

Replacing a boiler system in any business is very expensive. Take you time when choosing the type of boiler you want as well as the contractor you choose to install it. Most new boilers come with a very long guarantee and you should get a guarantee from your contractor for the work that he or she did. Putting in a new system will ultimately reduce your companies expenses during the winter months. Make sure that you purchase the right size unit for your building.


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