How to Appeal to the Youth

These days, with all the technology. Most of our youth’s attention span has been reduced to only a few minutes, if the topic is not engaging. We have developed a new method of drawing their focus back in. Making the sermons for young adults more interactive. Usually, repeating the same topics, will not change the effect it has on the youth.

What Draws the Youth to Church?

The initial intention as to why this new student is attending is important. It can give you an idea of what they are looking to get out of the sermon. Usually, if they come because a friend invited them, there is a possibility they may return. If they came to seek the word and spiritual advice on their own. Depending on the spiritual revelation received, it isn’t always a guarantee. Sometimes, the individuals that the new student is close to can motivate them to come back.

Most people want to feel at home, which makes them also feel safe. A familiar face, such as a friend, would be the first step. The youth love to stay active and get involved in different activities. It gives them a purpose. It works hand in hand with making them feel at home as well. They will end up making more friends and feeling like they are enjoying their time in a safe environment, which is a plus.

Another advantage would be helping them develop within the church. If they were more involved, that helps build character. Also, if they’ve developed into a leadership position. They can help with the new members that arrive to the church. It’s always easier to get acclimated in a place that is inviting and encouraging, and see’s what you don’t see in yourself.

How to Keep Them Engaged?

A great way to start a sermon and break the ice is with a light hearted story (related to the topic), or a good joke. Once people laugh, they find you more relatable and personable. Also, it’s a great way to wake them up! The youth are inspired and listen to people who talk like them and have gone through similar situations as them. Don’t be afraid to open up and be vulnerable.

Speak with reason and passion. Every word spoken should be spoken with purpose. Whenever a teacher gives a monotone speech, it usually falls on deaf ears. Let your spirit and charisma guide you. Using visuals is also effective and can help you elaborate your message further. Make sure you’re well prepared beforehand.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to the content you’re going to discuss. Words that are not spoken from the heart fall flat. Also, always looking down at your notes is another setback. If It appears you were not prepared to teach your message, you will lose most of the youth’s attention. One of the main things to keep in mind with today’s youth is to keep it real. Be as honest as you possibly can be.


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