Eight Skills Kids Should Learn

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Traffic is just as bad in the mornings now as it was 20 years ago. Kids are groggy but awake by 6 am. The academic year begins, but often it brings more than just early mornings and early nights. For kids, it means adapting to new teachers to making new friends and to learning new things. It is a routine and all, but after all this work on both the parents and the children’s part, are the kids really learning anything of value? Many parents and educators feel like there is something missing when it comes to modern education. 

For hundreds of years, we have taught similar subjects in the same traditional way. We are no longer the society of 200 years ago, yet educational methods remain the same. While math, English and Science are certainly necessary. We should also focus on other skills to give kids a fighting chance at success as adults. 

Life Has Changed 

The problem is life is different today than it was 20 years ago. Before Generation X you could get a good job and stay there for about 40 years. That is no longer the case. So children cannot be like their parents anymore. The world moves faster now. So what do kids need to learn today? Here are 8 must have skills recommended by any all girls catholic school bowie md

Critical Thinking 

Kids need to learn to ask questions and find solutions to problems for themselves. They need to learn to ask the right questions and to get to answers that solve the problem. Critical thinking skills can prepare them for the future. If artificial intelligence will be able to do most of the tasks employees now perform, there will always be a need for people to think of the questions these modern computers will answer. 


Children need to work together. Kids need to learn to be good team players and know their own strengths. This way they know when to apply them and how to praise others in areas where they are weaker. Industries are getting too complex and most projects need to be addressed by a team of experts. Each member specializing in a certain area, but everyone having the ability to work together. 


Kids need to learn to re-learn to keep up with their surroundings. Technology brings new things, and our kids need to be able to adapt to new technologies quickly. Today, things change so fast and new methodologies arise almost daily. The ability to adapt and learn will go a long way for future adults. 

To Stand Alone 

Jobs as we now know them are quickly disappearing. Even large companies are contracting people that are self-employed. Children need to learn to be entrepreneurs and innovators. They can’t sit back and wait for a company to give them a job because it probably won’t happen. 


Communication is important in this new world. This is an era where more people are working remotely. They need to learn to convey ideas and emotions clearly through the written word. Now we know to read body language, but with more people working remotely, there isn’t a person to see. This is why English composition and writing are so important. 

Research and Analysis 

Children need to understand what is real and what isn’t. They need to learn to study and do research on their own. They need to learn to differentiate a good resource from a bad one. It is important to know what is fake and what is real, especially because it is too easy to publish the untruths. 


In many schools, imagination and creativity have become secondary. Yet, this is the way children develop and learn. They are naturally inquisitive and creative. These traits help them develop critical thinking skills, work to develop change and create innovation. These are traits that should be encouraged. Let them create! Give them the time to do it.

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