Don’t Buy Collision Insurance on Older Vehicles or Raise Your Deductible

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There’s a wide range of auto insurance companies out there, and each with their own auto policies, discounts and savings plans, but unfortunately some have very salesy tactics to try to get you to sign up for insurance coverage you don’t need. But how do you know which coverage you need? First, you need to make sure your policy covers the state minimums which are usually bodily liability and property damage coverages, and then determine what your other needs are. Now, the truth is your current driving record, the kind of vehicle you own, how many drivers are in your household, your credit score and credit history, and other factors always play a role in what you will pay for auto insurance. But if you’ve kept your driving record up to date and avoided being delinquent on most of your payments, here’s some ideas for finding cheap car insurance Colorado Springs CO

Don’t Buy Collision Insurance On Older Vehicles Or Raise Your Deductible 

While collision insurance is pretty important for newer vehicles, and in some cases is a requirement to have if you buy from certain auto dealers, if you have an older vehicle that you’re not making any payments on it may not be necessary. There’s really no point in spending extra money each month on a collision insurance premium when the cost to fix an old vehicle that gets totaled would exceed the current market value of that vehicle. You would be better off foregoing collision insurance on that vehicle, and in the event it is totaled you could still potentially pocket a couple hundred dollars selling it for scrap metal and using your savings on a new vehicle. If you do need collision insurance, consider raising your deductible to a cost you know you can handle. The deductible is the amount you’re willing to pay for repairs in your vehicle, and the rest of the damages the insurance company will pay. If you can pay some of the damages based on your budget, keep your deductible in that range so that your collision coverage will be lower. 

Go With A Personalized Online Insurer 

You’ve probably heard about always doing quote comparisons with online insurance quote sites when shopping for auto insurance; but you can also do customized online insurance policy purchasing from different companies. Most insurance companies that have been around a long time have you meet with a local agent who takes you through the signup process and finalizes your policy. But as mentioned earlier, sometimes these agents can try to make a little extra commission on selling you coverages or bonuses that you later realize you don’t need. Buying online auto insurance allows you to completely choose your policies and decide exactly what you want and don’t want. You just need to make sure if you do this that the provider is recognized in your state, and that your policy is authorized. But if you know exactly what coverage you need, going this route could save you hundreds of dollars. 

You can never save too much on auto insurance, so you should always do your homework to make sure you’re paying the best price for it. While being with an insurance company for a long time can develop a comfort level from doing so, making a change to a different one that offers better rates can make you happy in the long run. You can pick a company that can sign you up for a policy within minutes, but just make sure all of your questions are answered when you do so.


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