AWS Certifications to Fast-Track Your Career

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Technology has made it possible today to store our files on the internet and access them from any device having an internet connection. Yes, we’re talking about cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to the process or method of storing one’s data in remote servers rather than a local server so that it’s stored on the internet and is easily accessible. Cloud computing skills are a lot in demand nowadays as a lot of web services are using cloud computing for their products. To validate your cloud computing skills, you would need a certificate. AWS certifications are the ultimate validation for your cloud computing skills. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is the oldest certification process that was started by Amazon.

Benefits of AWS Certification

  • Your skills will get verified from the tech giant Amazon and no other certification could be more valued than that.
  • Cloud computing is becoming immensely popular with each passing day and is a career that is sure to survive any recession. Get AWS certified to kick-start your career in cloud computing with ease.
  • You’ll acquire the basic knowledge needed to either become a developer or an architect in cloud computing and can get employed easily.
  • You’ll have global recognition and can connect with the community of AWS certificate holders like yourself.
  • You’ll get digital badges that you can attach and send with your resume to a potential employer who’ll know immediately that you are a skilled professional.

Get AWS certified and take your career to new heights

Having an AWS certification has many benefits, but the most important one is that it will give your career as a software professional a much-needed boost and help you to escalate your career to the zenith of success. Here are the ways in which AWS certification can fast-track your career.

  1. Learn from the master.

Currently, there is no bigger company in terms of cloud computing than Amazon. So learning from them would mean that your credentials will be accepted and acknowledged no matter wherever you go. There are other options available for AWS Certification, but this is the best path to follow if you’re looking for a reliable career in the cloud computing sector.

  1. Job security, first.

This is a nagging problem that most professionals have. In this highly competitive environment, you can’t be sure when someone more competent will take up your job and replace you permanently. With an AWS certification under your hat, you’ll become a highly valued asset to your organization and can sleep in peace, knowing that your job is safe. As of now, cloud computing is on a boom, so you don’t have to worry about downsizing anytime soon.

  1. Rake in those dollars.

Yes, you’ll earn money, loads of it. The average paycheck of a cloud computing professional is around $140,000 in the US, and that’s a big amount of money for anyone. You can achieve this lump amount within a very short time because you’ll have the relevant skills required for your job position. Cloud computing professionals get paid a lot more than what regular software techies do. So if money is your priority, then jump the ship and start your career in cloud computing today itself.

  1. You’ll sell like hotcakes. 

Quite literally! AWS certification is a feather that you must don in your hat to impress your employers. The first thing that employers look for in a potential employee is any form of valid certification, and AWS is much more than that. It’s distributed by amazon, so that’s all your employer will need to know. And once you get the job, you’ll have no difficulty whatsoever to climb the hierarchical ladder and move up in your career.

  1. Learn while you work.

There’s no limit to learning, but having a permanent job can drain your energy and leave you with little or no time to update your skills. You can appear for the higher certification level exams of AWS without having to leave your existing job because the preparations are not that burdensome. It all depends on your skills and knowledge, so rant learning and going through mountains of books is not required. You can easily manage your work and studies at the same time and keep updating your skills to become an inseparable asset for your organization.

Cloud computing is a huge job market that is set to grow higher in the coming years, so get yourself AWS certified today and reap in the benefits.

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