Are you in Control of your Entertainment?

Times change and they change fast. The need for change is constant and it is up to companies to be ready and provide the means for consumers to access the change. In our everyday lives, gone are the days where we are at the mercy of listening to what was on the radio or watching what was on television or better yet, what wasn’t. A smart device is part of the solution that alleviates such delimas. If a smart device is owned, the consumer can listen and watch what they want, generally when they want. In the event they have to travel they were also restricted. But, things have ever so changed. For example, prior to this new technological era, when a person would travel, let’s say, on a plane they passed the time by reading a book, magazine, or socializing with the person next to them. Technology has changed this for the average consumer. But, having the availability to certain technological capabilities still sets some apart. The newest in the technology arena is the phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Initially this was a workplace concept. Employees were allowed to bring their own device into the company setting and do their job. Companies see huge savings when employees access information using their own devices and they see increased production. Companies no longer have to provide a computer, laptop, or smartphone for the employee to use. The employees seemed to be happier and a lot more comfortable using their own devices. Companies found happy employees were more prodductive employees. We all know, people do not adjust to change very well, and thefore allowing them to use their own electronic device alleviates this unneeded change. 

We see the same when it comes to areas in our lives such as the above mentioned traveling on planes. The travel industry is a booming business and what better way to increase their bottom line is to subscribe to bring your own device. Airlines have cost savings in gas, dues to the planes being lighter from the removal of the back of the seat televisions or those overhead screens. Very few travelers leave home without with either their smartphone, laptop, or some other device to stream music, books or movies to pass their travel time. Originally a benefit to those flying first class, airline that now allow the consumer to utilize their own device, regardless of what class they are booked is a definite benefit to the traveler and company. If given the choice of which airline to use, most travelers will chose to book with an airline that allows them the freedom to pass the time how they wish without having to pay an additional fees. Most of your airlines are seeing this and are jumping on the BOYD bandwagon and making it available. Although there are still some who are refusing to give in, eventually they will subcome to the pressures of the consumers.


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