Five Tips on DWI Charges Defense 

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Anyone operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is violating the law. This is a driving offense that depending on the situation can be a misdemeanor or felony charge. Generally, it will be a misdemeanor unless the driver is associated with a collision and then it may rise to a felony level depending on the state’s laws. Most states have a specific blood alcohol level for the driver to be prosecuted for driving under the influence. This percentage in Minnesota and other states is 0.08. 

Tip One 

After getting a DWI consulting a dwi lawyer anoka mn is essential since this charge can have consequences. Even a first driving while intoxicated offence will cause a loss of driving privileges from 30 days to one year. The driver can face possible jail time and a large fine. A lawyer specializing in DWI can give representation to help lessen the consequences drivers face. 

Tip Two 

When suspected of driving while intoxicated the police officer will request testing to have evidence of the percentage of alcohol consumed by the driver. This can be accomplished in one of two ways with the most common being a Breathalyzer test. A skilled lawyer can question this testing since the appliance requires calibration to be exact. 

Tip Three 

Minnesota is one state that has Interlock ignition regulations that may lessen the consequences of driving privilege loss. The appliance is mounted in a vehicle that will lock the ignition if the driver is impaired to keep them from operating the vehicle. This can save the person from driving without a driver’s license or being stopped for a second DWI. 

Tip Four 

Medical conditions such as diabetes or hypoglycemia create an acetone compound in significant amounts that can give a false positive by a Breathalyzer analysis. This false positive can result in DWI charges since under analysis for breathalyzer results shows up as ethyl alcohol. 

Tip Five 

The size and weight of a person determine the number of drinks they can have without driving under the influence and the body processes alcohol at one drink per hour. Women because they have less muscle mass and some men alcohol will affect them faster than a person with muscles because the muscle mass will slow the absorption of the alcohol. 

Other Consequences 

The consequence of losing driving privileges can make life difficult and the fact an infraction that remains on the person’s criminal history. This can be a problem when applying for employment and a criminal background check is done, or the employer may overlook this conviction. The person convicted of DWI will find their auto insurance rates will drastically increase. Auto insurance companies generally raise the policy rate after a conviction for a DWI since the policyholder operated the vehicle while intoxicated. One additional consequence for people operating vehicles while under the influence of drugs while testing can be done with certain drugs remain for an extended amount of time in the system. Accurate testing is not perfected for DWI in some cases, such as marijuana that can stay in the person’s system for as long as 30 days.

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