Tampa Bay Is Ideal for RedFish Fishing

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The Gulf of Mexico and the Tampa Bay in Florida have become one of the most popular destinations for year round fishing. Redfish, one of Florida’s most abundant fish, are a favorite of charter fishing expeditions as they are fun to catch. Redfish are also known as RedDrums as they make a drumming noise during spawning season. Other names include channel bass, red bass or spot tail bass. When booking a tampa bay fl redfish fishing charter there are options for chartering trips all year long, although fall through spring is the ideal season. 

Redfish can be found in many different waterways in the Tampa Bay area. Some popular charters involve fishing in canals or rivers for juvenile Redfish; a four, six or eight hour guided fishing charter is recommended. To fish for mature Redfish, charter a guide who can take you to the more open waters of the Tampa Bay, or the Gulf of Mexico. These trips involve different logistics and a larger boat with different tackle. 

Gear to Bring on Your Charter Fishing Trip:

*live bait such as shrimp, crab, cigar minnows, or what the Redfish is used to eating
*eight foot rods
*eight to ten pound test line
*saltwater fishing license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
*drinks and snacks
*proper shoes that won’t mark up the boat

Note: if the captain of the charter has a Florida saltwater fishing license (and he typically will) you may not need one—be sure to check the charter company’s policies on their website information page ahead of your scheduled departure for what you need to bring on your trip. 

Current Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Regulations indicate that Redfish/RedDrums of all sizes are on catch and release permit only. This is due to the massive red tide* that impacted southwest Florida in late 2017 through early 2019. The catch and release is expected to be lifted at the end of May, 2020.

Booking a Redfish Charter fishing trip can be done online or by phone. The price for a four hour trip starts at around $350 for three guests and can go up to over $800 depending on the length of the trip and number of anglers. Group packages are a great deal for family or corporate outings and typically offer a discount rate. 

Travel to the Tampa Bay, Florida area is seasonal year round due to the subtropical climate. The mildest, dry season is the months between November and April, which also coincides with the best time to go charter fishing for Redfish. There are many sights and attractions to visit while you are in the Tampa Bay area, including amusement parks, aquariums and museums. The Tampa area is also known for its miles of beautiful beaches and parks, as well as an abundance of restaurants and nightclubs to unwind at after a long day of fishing. 


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