Some of the top 10 football nations

When trying to determine which country has the best claim to be called the best football nation, there are some convincing arguments. This could be measured by the number of World Cup wins alone (Brazil) or the number of other tournaments won over the years (Argentina); however, there may well be a different way to determine the result.

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If you were putting together a World 11 featuring truly great players from any nation, Portugal would have a very real claim; for example, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo are household names that are likely to feature on anybody’s list of all time best football players.


Perhaps the greatest football nation is the one that produced the world’s most famous club, Manchester United? The team has certainly become a football kit supplier’s dream with the demand for replica shirts. England has also won the World Cup, although progress in recent tournaments has been disappointing.


In the modern game, few European countries have had more success than France, but is this enough to make the world’s greatest list? Again, it depends on your measure and when you start from.

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Despite its size, Uruguay has won more significant tournaments than any other nation. This alone could mean the country with a population of just under 3.5 million could claim to be the best, especially when you consider neighbouring Brazil has a huge population of 208 million!


Another small nation, although a booming population compared with Uruguay, the Netherlands has been consistent over the game’s history. Its population of 16 million has given the world players of stature such as Bergkamp and van Nistelrooy; per capita, you could argue that it is right up there.

You probably have your own nation’s strip and that of at least one club. If you play, there are numerous kits available such as Adidas Football Kits from stockists such as This is a key part of helping you to feel a sense of belonging and association to your team.

There have been some terrible incidents over the years involving football fans and abuse towards opposition fans, and even players and officials. Perhaps it is time to remind ourselves that we can all agree that football is the world’s greatest sport, even if we can’t agree on the best nation. Taking part and behaving well should be the ultimate goal and the love of the game should be what unites us together.

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