How to look elegant when you wear fishnet tights

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Fishnet tights have divided the fashion world for decades. When they’re worn well, they look fantastic – chic, classy, elegant – but they’re also easy to get wrong.

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Choose your style

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There are lots of different options out there, with different sizes of weave, some regular others irregular, and all sorts of colour. If ‘elegant’ is your goal, choose a fine mesh, and wear them with a neutral outfit that will take you from the office through to dinner looking polished. Neutral coloured fishnets in black, brown or even nude are a great choice and look sensational with other neutrals including khaki and navy, and even denim, which is a perfect daytime look.

Try accenting a classic A-line skirt in navy or black with small-weave fishnets or tights and skirt in the same neutral colour with a cream blouse for a stunning, easy to wear work look.
Summer dresses like the range at AX Paris are another way to keep it low-key but project effortless style.

The bigger the mesh, the harder it becomes to carry off classy, and pairing them with bolder colours becomes more racy. Round edged mesh is classic though diamonds and even abstract uneven shapes are available and add a flash of personality and glamour to your outfit.

Dress them up

Coloured fishnets add some fun to a party outfit – try something unexpected like a cobalt blue or fuchsia pink. Make a real statement with other coloured clothing, perfect for a club or concert, though beware too much colour in the daytime as bright fishnets could look a little childish.

As with other tights, open-toed shoes are a no-no. Of course, fishnets need not be tights; there are knee-high versions and even ‘ankle socks’ for wearing with trousers.

For more information on how to wear fishnets and turn heads for the right reasons, see the suggestions from Dress Like A Parisian. It’s all about balance; let the pattern of your tights stand out by pairing them in plain, block colours on your top or skirt.

Armed with this new information, go out and get yourself a pair, and try them out! Of course, in the end, your style is nobody’s business other than your own, so please yourself and rock those fishnets!a

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