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We’re teaching our children to care for the environment because that’s the way we were raised. My mother taught me to care about the world I live in. I want my children to think of this world as a place worthy of their love and attention. This is why we take our kids on nature walks, and we have family fun days where we spend the entire afternoon outside in the peaceful remote wilderness. There’s a calmness that enters your being when you spend enough time outside in nature. The natural world deserves our love and consideration. Mother nature supports humanity, so people should spend time caring about mother nature in return. 

It’s only fair to teach children to care about the environment. I’ve seen some parents that don’t care about the planet, and the way they demonstrate their negligence to their children is setting a bad example for future generations. Children often grow up to embody the ideals that are taught to them by their parents. If a child sees their parents littering, they might see it as something that’s okay to do. It might sound like a minor issue at first, but imagine the amount of trash one parent throws on the ground, and multiply that by a few children. 

It is important to share our views of environmental awareness with our community to avoid negligent adults spreading their bad ideas like litter to the minds of young children. This is why our family has been spending time working with others in our community to spread the word that the world is worth caring about. We’ve set up a local recycling partnership that helps explain recycling to people who might not know what to do with their trash. There are a few problems with the recycling procedures in our community that our partnership is looking to address. 

In addition to providing clarity on the different items that may be recycled in the city-approved recycling cans, our partnership is helping show other people in the community where they can go to recycle some exotic items. Some items aren’t easy to recycle. You can’t throw everything into the city recycling cans because some items need special attention. Putting non-approved recycling items in the recycling cans slows down the entire process, and it can also be dangerous for those working in the recycling facilities. One example of a service our partnership helps people find is any battery recycling services

There’s no limit to the amount of good that we can do for our community. We’re helping disabled and retired members of the community with their recycling. We’re bringing businesses in to be involved in the process. Our community is growing more sustainable, and we’re grateful for the cleaner parks and city streets. You can make a difference in your community by getting involved in its recycling efforts. You can do it alone, or you can bring your family in to help make a difference where it counts. Thank you for giving the planet some attention.


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