Find Your Career Path in a Trade

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Most of my friends in high school went to college after we graduated, but I didn’t think college was right for me. I was happy working service jobs in high school because it paid all I wanted to earn, but I didn’t want to work a entry level position for too long. When I graduated high school I knew that going to a local college or university wasn’t the right career path for me. I took one class at a community college to find out that going to college felt like the same type of stuff I was tired of doing in high school. 

Not all education is the same. When I took that class at the community college I felt out of place because those kids were there to learn about a subject that was a requirement for a degree, but I didn’t want a degree. This is around the time that I discovered trade schools. I knew the existed already, but I didn’t realize that trade schools were right for me because my parents talked bad about them. My parents both went to four year colleges when they graduated high school, so they wanted that same career path for me. 

I felt like I let them down when I didn’t want to go to college, but they were proud of me when I decided I wanted to enroll in a trade school to learn about becoming an electrician. I found an electrician trade school chicago il. that came recommended by a friend of the family. My uncle went to trade school too, so he was one of the ones to help me show my parents that it was worth pursuing a profession based off of learning a trade. My uncle runs his own business, where he fixes air conditioners, so he is sure that trade school educations are worth it. 

A friend of the family helped me illustrate the value of a trade school education to my parents when they enrolled to become a plumber. This individual turned down going to a prestigious college because they decided that owning and operating their own business would be a noble pursuit. It can help you make more money to learn a valued trade, and trade schools are the places to go to learn and perfect a trade. It might help you decide what trade you want to be involved in by first researching all sorts of trades. 

Start out by looking at the particular school you are interested in attending. Get a sense of what courses the school offers, but look for what the school deems to be their specialty. Every school has a special course of study that they teach better than others. You might know what you want to study already, which would help you start your search. If you already have an idea where you’d like to end up in your career, finding a trade school to train you is the best way to get you there.

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