Entertaining From Your Personal Bar

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Entertaining outdoors can be a fun and exciting time with your friends and family. An option would be to set up a picnic table on your deck or patio so that everyone has a place to sit and so that you have somewhere to serve food and drinks. However, a bar set would add a fun approach to serving your guests and can be customized any way that you want. 

Think about the size of the space that you have available for your bar set. You don’t want to design something that’s too big because there won’t be any room for people to walk or enjoy being outside. However, the bar shouldn’t be too small because you won’t have enough room to store beverages and other items that are used to serve drinks and foods. A custom outdoor bar set should be just the right size for the number of people you plan to entertain. 

An option for a kitchen that has a window that looks out toward your patio or deck can include a window that connects both spaces. This will make it easier to prepare drinks and snacks in your kitchen before handing them to someone else who is outside to serve to guests. A window that lifts up and down is often the best design for this concept. A shed can be utilized in the same way when you make a customized bar. Cut a large window on one side of the shed that will serve as a serving area. You can attach a small deck to the shed for people to stand on and so that you have a solid surface for bar stools that are placed along the bar. Use colors that are bright and vibrant, giving your bar a fun design that makes you think about the tropics or an island retreat. 

Combine an outdoor kitchen and grilling station with the bar that you design. Build a stone bar for a modern design with black or dark brown bar stools around the bar area. Your grill will be on one side of the outdoor kitchen while the area where you serve drinks is on the other side. This design can make it easier for everyone to eat, drink, and talk at one time instead of waiting for food to be prepared in the kitchen. 

Utilize a corner of the exterior of your home to make a relaxing outdoor bar. Install French doors to access the bar area, or position the bar so that it’s beside an exterior door that is already in place. While you’re sitting outside, the bar will extend from the living area of your home, providing fresh air and sunshine for gatherings. Install a ceiling fan to keep the air circulating along with a few lights that give a soft glow while you enjoy time outdoors in the evening. If you want to enhance the area, consider installing a television or a sound system so that guests can listen to music.


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