Coming Recycling Trends and Beyond

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Every nation and thousands of communities around the globe is heavily involved in the recycling process. Recycling waste materials is a big business and it is also an important way to preserve our environment. In 2019, there are new recycling trends that make this process more efficient and productive. Keep reading to discover some of the latest recycling trends that are going to help make our world a better place in 2019 and beyond. 

Smart Trashcans 

One of the more interesting trends in waste management has to do with smart trashcans and garbage dumpsters. Did you know that garbage dumpsters are now being outfitted with sensor technology that can be connected to the internet? Once a dumpster is filled a signal will emit and inform a business (or their waste management company) that the dumpster needs to be emptied. The website is a journal for the waste industry and they report on this trend. Innovators have figured out ways to connect trashcans to the Internet of Things (IoT) and to solar power technology. These high tech upgrades must make it easier to get rid of and control waste materials. 

Upcycling will Increase

Upcycling is not a well-known recycling activity but it will start to gain more popularity in 2019. People are slowly getting involved with this recycling trend. According to Forbes upcycling is a process that takes an old item and converts it into a new product that has more value. For example, this process could be used to transform an old bedroom dresser into a high end piece of furniture. Upcycling is a great way for people to get rid of old products by transforming them into new high end commodities. This trend is going to catch on because millennials are always looking for new ways to improve the environment and they can make a decent profit doing it. 

Solar Energy and Waste Management 

Many large scale recycling and waste facilities are now generating their electricity through the use of solar technology. This process is becoming cheaper and businesses are able to implement it a greater rate. They will be doing this throughout 2019 and beyond. The reduction in utility costs will help to keep more power in the grid and it will help businesses to recycle higher rates of waste material without going broke. Most scrap metal perth recycling centers will also benefit from this technology. 

Bag Bans is a Trend for Controlling Waste 

Many communities throughout the U.S. are now jumping on a bag band that is sweeping the nation. While this bag ban is not being heavily reported by the media, many communities are still engaged in this issue. Plastic bags from grocery stores and other businesses are causing lots of problems for landfills and communities. More communities will opt for laws which restrict their use or completely do away with them. This seems like a trend that many millennials would be willing to support since they are really concerned about their environment. Each of these recycling trends are going to impact the recycling industry in 2019 and well into the future.

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