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Why The Pilot Shortage Makes It The Best Time To Go To Flight School

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Now is the perfect time to get into Aviation as the need for more pilots worldwide grows. According to the latest statistics from Boeing 790,000 new pilots will be needed by 2037. This number includes private pilots as well since their qualifications are the same as commercial pilots. In places like Europe, airplanes have had to be grounded for not having a pilot to fly them. In this article, we will look at what caused the pilot crisis and how it makes it the perfect time to go to flight school. If you are interested in attending a flight school look up the flight schools in your area, by searching for flight training Zionsville in

What Caused The Shortage 

There are several factors that have created this shortage. The easiest explanation is that the demand is greater than the demand. The retirement age currently for pilots is 65. In the next ten years over half of the pilots flying today will reach that age. In 2010 Congress passed a bill to help reduce the problem of pilot fatigue. This solution caused the airlines to have to hire more pilots or ground planes. Another law passed in 2013 makes all students have to have 1,500 hours of in-flight training before they can join the workforce. 

The number of new pilots entering the job poll is not enough to keep up with those leaving. In part, this is because with the addition of automatic flying machines such as drones the demand for military pilots has decreased. There was a time when many commercial pilots started out in the army since they would train you for free. The cost is what limits many from going to flight school. The cost and time it takes to complete the school are more than many can afford. The cost ranking second in a pole as to what is keeping flight schools from getting more students. The first reason listed in the pole was that it is becoming increasingly hard to keep flight school trainers. These trainers originally were other students who have passed there flight school training, but now deals from commercial airlines created by the shortage or sending them to work there instead. 

Why The Shortage Makes It The Perfect Time To Attend Flight School 

Because of the shortage, many airlines are offering incentives to help recruit new pilots. Endeavor Air is offering 20,000 dollar retention program for staying with them up to the fourth year. Retention programs like this help pay back the expense of taking flight school. There are also several scholarships available to help cover these flight school cost. 

Jet blue is offering incentives for specializing in certain planes. In other countries, they are trying to intice pilots by offering packages that include the cost of living. These packages give pilots who want to explore the world, but get paid at the same time the perfect opportunity. 

With the pilot shortage, the job market is wide open for anyone who wants to join. That with the incentives make it the perfect storm to start your flight training.


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