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Dress In The Cowgirl Style

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Going out on the town is fun. Sometimes you might want to try a new look but are not quite sure what to wear. One of the easiest and fun looks to try is a country look. It will not break the budget to buy the necessary clothes to make up a country look. You can go fancy, dressed down, or dress with a little country wild. Here are a couple of easy outfits you can put together and “Go Country.” 

Flower Country 

Creating a look like you have been running through the fields of blue bonnets and bluebells in Texas is easy. Flower prints on a blouse or dress can create a kind look. Some country girls are nice and some look like they have a little spice. Creating a nice country girl look can be accomplished with lace, ruffles, and skirts. A country flower dress with a leather belt around the waste is a complete outfit. A small flower in the hair can complete the look for a night on the town. Sometimes a plaid shirt and a tank top on top of a jean skirt or light cotton skirt can really work for a nice country look. 

Country Music 

If you want to look like you hang out with the country music scene a nice pair of worn jeans with possible a few holes just may do the trick. Finding a slightly tight t-shirt from an online store such as Cowgirl Up Apparel is highly recommended. A scoop neck t-shirt or a tank top of bright colors can make you look like your ready to hear the music. A nice leather belt with a fun belt buckle can really add to the country charm. With any of these looks a cowgirl hat and a pair of beautiful cowgirl boots really brings it on home. 

Country Bling 

The latest country look is adding some shiny bling to your country outfit. A cool country t-shirt with sparkly angel wings or sparkling horse patterns makes you shine brightly. When you have a cowgirl hat and big sparkly earrings, you can line dance in style at your favorite country bar. Jeans with fun sparkly patterns in the country logos like lassos and big Texas stars in red and blue look great. If you are cold, pull on a cotton jean jacket with rhinestones and show them what you’ve got. You can even find cowgirl boots with rhinestones decorated from top to toe. 

The internet has plenty of great stores and websites for you to find what you are looking for in country attire. You can get ideas from other ladies and their country clothes choices. You do not necessarily have to buy pieces of clothes from a country shop. You can sometimes put regular clothes together from discount stores that add up to a country look. It is fun going country and creating an outfit that you feel fun and free in. That is what country is all about having fun and feeling free. Country is one of the true American looks we have.


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